BCM007: Thallulah, William Medagli & Jose Maria Ramon feat Gelax Key – City Groove EP

Release Date: August 25th, 2014

Available on Beatport here

The two-tracker by trio Thallulah, William Medagli and Jose Maria Ramon coming out on Jean Claude Ade’s Be Crazy imprint is a fierce toll EP, nonetheless packed with emotional vocals and melodic hooks.

Starting off the Originalversion of “City Groove” is a pressured off-beat hi-hat, grooving Gelax Key’s sweet heartbroken voice – love was the one thing we wanted to mend“ – building room for a bumpy little baseline and direct claps that let Key’s message be received while dancing wildly nonetheless.

A percussion-break give the track room to breath and culminate in a crescendo of hats and claps and beats. Labelhead Ades takes a different approach, giving the whole groove a bit more spin and concentrating more on the dance floor with echoey synth chords building up tension, slowly growing as the seconds pass.

Picking up in speed and synth accentuation, finally dropping and exploding in a vibrant melange of voices and sounds, moving mind and body alike.

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