BCM006: Jean Claude Ades – Coming Home EP

Release date: April 21st, 2014

Available on Beatport here.

The newest release on the Ibiza based label “Be Crazy” from producer & deejay Jean Claude Ades is an outstanding 3 track EP, that gives the label boss room to present his studio sound and open up the Ibiza season 2014.

After recent releases with productions from John Monkmann, Aki Bergen, Lopaz and Martin Roth, the “Coming Home EP” shows Ades studio side with instrument and vocal recordings done over the White Isles winter.

His productions reflect his approach to deejaying, which the key track “Coming Home“ embodies perfectly with its deep atmosphere, low pitched vocals and warmed-over chords. “Only You” lives from a fantastic deep-dreamy vibe, while the arrangement slowly builds in intensity step by step.

The revisited “Someday“, already known by many, gets a refreshment and grooves unstoppably towards funkiness.

The punchy mixing job makes the sound of the EP huge so that the detailed production gives birth to remarkably functional tracks, fitting into every house set around the globe.





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